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Boujee: "Luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character."

Boujee B is a premier Skin Care and Pampering Store, offering you luxurious skin loving products that are infused with Organic Hibiscus flowers. These flowers contain stunning antioxidant, anti-aging, skin tightening and firming properties for smooth & glowing skin. We believe in celebrating and embracing Self-Care, offering you a variety of quality products to Relax, Rejuvenate and Exfoliate.  Browse through our store today and let us pamper you the way you deserve.

"Shop, Share and be Boujee" 



Since day one, we wanted to formulate a great skin care product line that contained as many products produced by nature as possible.  We want our customers to be familiar with the ingredients on the label that will leave them with rejuvenated and hydrated healthy looking skin. 

To be honest, I started making my own skin care products because I simply did not want unfamiliar ingredients or chemicals on my face or skin that I could not pronounce or recognize.

Our collections are carefully selected and created for your perfect skin care routine for all skin types.  Browse our product collections for the perfect product to make you feel Boujee! You deserve it!



Jupiter, Florida


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